Jonathan Osborne

Jonathan Osborne

Jonathan David Osborne 27/11/66 – 15/8/2014

Jon grew up in Bristol and attended Backwell School.  His passion was Sport and he left School to go directly to Bristol City Football Club as an Apprentice.  He played for the Reserve Team.  He was also a very talented Rugby player and played for Yatton RFC 1st Team.  He represented Bristol RFC B team on a couple of occasions.

As Jon regularly told the kids and I, he was a “finely tuned athlete”. Any sport Jon turned his hand too he was annoyingly good at!

He was a wonderful, devoted Father and Husband to Emma and his four children, Holly 21, Sophie, 18, Joseph 14 and Rosie 11.

Jon was very competitive and focussed and ran his own company, Computerworld based in Yate for over 20 years.

Despite being diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis when he was aged 40 years old he continued to work and lead a relatively active life in the early years of diagnosis.

Little is known about the cause of Pulmonary Fibrosis and as yet there is no known cure and is becoming a silent killer as the disease is so unpredictable.

Jon’s only option in the end was to be referred for a Lung Transplant at The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and after 9 weeks on a priority list he was fortunate to receive a Single Lung Transplant.  Ideally, he needed a Double Transplant but time was running out rapidly and in August 2013 he underwent successful surgery.

The journey to recovery was a very “rocky ride” fraught with complications but as the months went on he regained a better quality of life and was able to spend the valuable time with his family and finally got to walk his dogs again.

Sadly a year to the day Jon became ill with Pneumonia and further complications with his Heart and  Kidneys and had to undergo a very complex surgery back in Newcastle.  He fought until the bitter end and sadly after a week in ITU he lost his courageous battle.

Thanks to his donor we as a family had an extra year with Jon.

It’s very early days and we all miss his cheery smile and sense of humour and are extremely proud of how hard he tried to keep a brave face in what was a final gruelling up hill battle.

I know that if Jon was here and well he would of been having a go at this cycle ride, even if he couldn’t do the whole ride!  In his place his son Joe and other family members and friends will be riding in his memory and to raise awareness for Transplant Association and vital funds for the Charity to fulfil their exciting new plans.

Thank you all from The Osborne’s, for taking part in what will be an amazing 4 days of cycling and to the amazing Kevin for putting this all together and taking part.  I look forward to meeting you all in July and cheering you on!

Emma Osborne

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