Vicky Hendry

Reasons for doing the ride:

I was born with CHD, a transplant may be my future. I have seen several friends benefit from heart transplants, many of my friends are in their 40’s and 50’s with complex congenital heart defects, many of them may face heart transplant in the future. I want there to be awareness of their situation and more people signed up to the donor register.

Cycling experience/miles per day:

Very little cycling in the past two years- however was a keen cyclists with my mountain bike and completed the London to Brighton BHF ride.

Have just purchased a new road bike and I’m aware of the training necessary.


Born with a complex congenital heart condition. I’m 48, I have 3 grown children and two crazy Gordon Setters. Interested in  cooking, knitting, hill walking and camping. Working on walking all the Wainwrights.

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