Mike Hocking

Reasons for doing the ride:

I was born with transposition of the great arteries of the heart and had the mustard procedure when I was 2. I know several people (world wide) who were born with congenital heart conditions that have either had a heart transplant, or are on the list to hopefully receive a new heart. I like to raise money for charities connected with congenital heart conditions. I also carry out voluntary work for a couple of heart related charities.

Cycling experience/miles per day:

I cycle regularly. I cycle a round trip of 15 miles per day (5 days a week) to/from work and cycle longer rides at weekends. I have done several 100 mile/day rides with the longest being 122 miles. My mileage for 2014 was around 4000 miles.


I love to cycle and use this it to keep as fit as possible. I’m a mechanical design engineer by trade. As well as cycling I like to hill walk in the lake district.

I was born in 1968 with a congenital heart condition and wasn’t expected to live too long. I like to volunteer for charities related with congenital heart conditions and raise the profile of related issues.

I know several people who are on heart transplant lists or have had a transplant.

When I was younger my doctors suggested that a heart transplant could be something I could possibly face in the future. The last two points are why I have not hesitated to get involved and try to help raise the profile of the requirement for people to be on the donor register.

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