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By Kevin Mashford on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 in News, 1 Comment

I thought I would put something up here in relation to the news that has somewhat taken me by surprise in its interest.

I’m really grateful to the Bristol Post for what was a superbly written and sensitively poised article.  It featured what we are doing here regarding our ride, our new charity The Transplant Association, plus the need for more donors with links to how to register.

I have now seen the story used by The Mail On Line and the story is getting somewhat biased towards me ‘Mysteriously having a passion for cycling’ and ‘Never ridden a bike’ .  I keep reminding myself that organ donation being in the public eye and media is a good thing for awareness of the need for more people to sign the organ donor register.. My story has been somewhat sensationalised but I guess that just happens.

For the record.  Having discovered my donor was a keen cyclist and that he tragically lost his life whilst cycling.  I decided to do 7 minutes for 7 days in his memory 7 days after my transplant.  It was an emotional morning for Jo and I who was by my side every day, as just being able to do this so soon after my operation was amazing. I don’t think I have adopted any form of my donors  personality.  Its just me and a passion to do something in his memory and to raise awareness.

I continued with my cycling and I do think of my donor every time I get on my bike, because without him I just simply wouldn’t be getting on a bike at all… But with his heart inside me, we are now preparing to cycle from Bristol to Newcastle.  If it wasn’t for John signing up as an organ donor and his family despite their loss at the hardest moment possible, they agreed for his organs to be donated.  That is the gift of life, for it I will be forever grateful.

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  1. perry guidrey says:

    Dear Kevin Mashford, I wondered if you would be interested in talking about your experience on Bristol community radio

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