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By Kevin Mashford on Friday, January 30th, 2015 in News, No Comments

The Transplant Association FULL COLOUR




Good morning all,

We would like to present to you the Transplant Association logo designed by the wonderful Ellie Seelig (who also designed our Team Mash logo).

We would also like to take a moment to say a really big Thank you to Ellie for doing such an amazing job for us and for not charging us a penny for her time and expertise!

Please have a read about  The Transplant Association and its aims.

A brand new Charity co-founded by Emma Osborne and Kevin Mashford.  We are in the final stages of our registration with the Charity Commission and any day now will be receiving our full registration number!  This hasn’t stopped us getting the “wheels in motion” and putting all of our ideas and experiences into practice to be the first Multi-Organ Transplant Charity to provide a range of services and support to Transplant patients and their families.  We both know first hand the enormous effect Transplant has on our family and friends both in the lead up and after surgery and also to the Donor families who generously make the surgery possible in the first place.

Transplant Association will aim to provide a multi-faceted information website and work collaboratively with NHSBT to promote everything Donor Awareness related. We would like to think that ultimately we can assist other groups around the UK to lobby to change the current Donor signing up register to an “opt out” in the UK. We will aim to provide an A-Z of everything Transplant related on our new website so that patients and their families can make informed choices on Transplant Centres in the UK and research into as little or as much information as they feel necessary on the whole Transplant journey from talking to other patients, biographies,drugs, statistics, psychological support to name a few, under a “one umbrella” stop that currently doesn’t exist. One day we’d like to offer a free phone call centre too, but first things first!

We will be piloting an exciting new Educational programme at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle early this year by providing Charitable Grants to the Trust.  This will enable staff to up skill and develop their skill base in the area of Counselling directly with Transplant patients.  This in turn will allow staff to feel more able to signpost patients in need of Psychological support and promote the need for more Psychologists nationally available to all patients.  The programme will be fully evaluated by the Charity and Management Team within the Hospital. Our aim eventually is to create a bespoke Counselling course being written directly for Transplant Centres in the UK and Staff and Transplant Co-ordinators will benefit hugely.

We understand that due to the geographics and logistics of the current UK Transplant Centres, it is very difficult for patients to fund and cope from being away from their families and accommodation/transport is a problem and very costly. In turn, we would like to try and gain assistance from the National Lottery and our fundraising to provide a National Fund to assist families and patients who struggle to cope with these rising costs to apply for grants from Transplant Association.

We know only too well the pressure this puts on families and carers and unless you really understand the world of Transplant, it can be seriously underestimated the time involved and the lifetime of appointments and follow ups that prevail after surgery.  Often involving over night stays and flights etc depending on your condition and centre in the UK often when feeling unwell and with a compromised immune system.

Hopefully this will give you a brief insight into the kinds of beneficial work we aim to provide as a Charity and that without constant fundraising none of the above will be possible to make the urgent difference. Please sign up to if you haven’t already, and ensure that multi-organ transplantation can be performed within the critical timeframe.

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