The waiting game..

By Kevin Mashford on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 in News, No Comments

Most of you have probably never even considered this. Unless if affects you why would you.. I guess it’s a bit like the petrol warning light in your car for many, if it isn’t on, its isn’t a problem.  When the light goes on, you top up the petrol.  What if there was NO petrol?

I remember  the chaos the petrol strikes caused a few years ago, people went ballistic because they couldn’t get fuel to go here and there.

To put this into context this shows how many people are all out of petrol.. and oil, and screen wash and they have got four flat tyres, in fact the likelihood of them ever getting that car started again is only 1 in 3.

Number of patients on transplant list RIGHT NOW:

Kidney 201

Kidney/pancreas 79

Pancreas (+islets) 258

Heart 265

Lung(s) 12

Heart/lung 546

Liver 15

Join the organ donor register.  That’s all.

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