30 Full rider positions taken in first hour!

By Kevin Mashford on Thursday, January 1st, 2015 in News, 2 Comments

We have been delighted to see that 30 of the 50 full ride slots have been registered for within the first hour of registration being open!!

Stage riders are still welcome and of course the #342Crew Virtual Riders are welcome to register at any-time!

I’m over the moon that my Pre Transplant Consultant and his wife will be joining us for the full ride on a Tandem bicycle! Dr Stuart was a Research Registrar at the Freeman Hospital when they performed the first ever Paediatric Heart Transplant and is now Consultant at Bristol’s Heart institute!

We have also got a double lung transplant recipient Richard Caulkin joining us.  I met Richard for the first time this year at the Transplant games and is quite the cyclist!!

First to register as Virtual Riders were my boys Josh and Liam closely followed by Taylor Turner who is currently waiting for his SECOND heart transplant.  Taylor was born with the same condition as me CCTGA!

Everyone else who has registered will be posted on here over the coming days!


Please keep sharing and spreading the word.. we really want to get virtual riders from across the globe joining the campaign to get people to sign up to the organ donor register!!

2 responses to “30 Full rider positions taken in first hour!”

  1. Donna says:

    Taylor is a proud to be a virtual rider and we are planning on asking both junior and senior school to hold a non uniform day to raise some funds. Proud of what you are all doing to raise such important awareness of organ donation…… Go team Mash xx

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