Chance meeting leads to our biggest donation so far

By Kevin Mashford on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 in News, No Comments

You never really know what is around the corner. During the summer I was lucky enough to be invited to The Oval to watch a 20/20 match between Surrey and Glamorgan.  Whilst chatting with the other invited guests we got on to the subject of organ donation and I told my story.  I’m often amazed by what people say in these circumstances but this chap seemed to listen with more intensity than most.  At the time I started to talk about plans for the future and the ride, although at the time the plans were in the ‘dream state’ I was determined to do it.

Just before leaving the chap asked me for my business card, we exchanged pleasantries  and off we went on our separate ways.  I thought nothing at the time other than things like.. ‘that was a good evening, lovely bunch of people… and I was chuffed I’d won the raffle and was going home with a signed cricket bat’.

It wasn’t until last week when i got a text out of the blue saying, I have got £8,112 set aside for your charity can you send me you bank details.. or words to that effect!

I couldn’t believe it at first and gave him a call. The money is now sat in an account waiting to be transferred into our Transplant Association account on the day it opens.

It just goes to show, you never know whats around the corner and who you are going to meet.  I remain humbled by the generosity of people, I don’t mean this because of the large sum of money, generosity comes in many ways and often the smallest things mean the most but on this occasion, It was a stranger who was touched by a story about transplant and decided to help for no personal gain. I guess this is much like our donors, no accolades, no ceremony, just trust and belief in doing something good for his fellow human being.

Touching really  IMG_1387

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